About us

Here at Sussex Buzz, we believe in quality, local, community news. We think that an informed Sussex community is an engaged one. We believe that local, community-based news is important to everyone but consistently gets overlooked.

We believe that a jumble sale in a local school or raising money for a local church is more important and newsworthy than media outlets ever recognise or give credit to.

At Sussex Buzz, we believe that small news can be powerful and that it does not require whipping up into a national story, or is only interesting to the masses if it is negative in some way. We believe that a small local event should be celebrated and can be important to the local community. That makes it newsworthy and important.

We are a small team here at Sussex Buzz but have more than 20 years of experience in journalism between us. We pledge to our readers to support everyone, to promote the small and help bring quality, community news back.

Ouse Valley viaduct
A view from a field looking northward towards the Ouse Valley viaduct in Sussex, UK on a summer day.