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Lewes Council plan for ‘stunning displays of wildflowers’ in 2024

A Cabinet councillor met council officers and contractors to mark the final wildflower mow of the season and to look forward to next year.

The council’s efforts to improve biodiversity have been praised by many residents and experts. A key strand of this work is encouraging wildflowers to flourish by introducing wild areas on council-owned land, which require an annual autumn mow followed by removal of all the grass clippings, either using a specialised mower or in hard-to-reach places, raking by hand. The wildlife havens created are particularly attractive to pollinators and provide ideal habitat for creatures such as beetles and lizards.

Councillor Emily O'Brien.
Councillor Emily O’Brien.

Councillor Emily O’Brien, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: “Lewes District Council is committed to doing all it can for nature including creating nature-friendly areas of our parks and recreation grounds. I was delighted to meet the team from our contractors, Idverde, and thank them for their hard work throughout the year.

“Managing all the grass cutting in the district is a year-round undertaking and only by careful planning can we create the stunning displays of wildflowers and natural habitat for wildlife.

Supporting nature

“Sadly, we now live in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, but wildlife surveys of the areas we manage are showing really encouraging results and are really appreciated by local people including many children, who love the bugs and butterflies.”

At the end of the summer season, Idverde cut and collect the grasses which are then sent for green waste recycling at a local facility. By leaving the cut and collect until later in the year, the seeds from the flowers fall naturally onto the ground and germinate the following year, providing new natural habitat.

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